Registration Info

Please read all the information below before filling out your registration form. Or download the instructions here.


  • Click here to fill out the form to reserve the number of spots you need for the conference - # of youth, # of adults, # of priests/religious. (Priests and religious are free.)

  • ALL ATTENDEES MUST BRING THEIR OWN LUNCH OR HAVE THEIR YOUTH LEADER PROVIDE IT FOR THEM. (we will not be providing lunches, all participants should pack their own lunch, or group leaders can order pizza etc. to be delivered to the school?)

  • “The Father’s Love” is open to all current 9th-12th grade students.

  • You are responsible to pay for all of your reserved spots. If you have empty spots that you are responsible for, consider contacting other area Group Leaders to fill the spots (to buy your spots from you).

  • Group leaders may continue to add spots after initial registration, but will be responsible for paying for those spots.

  • All payments are due asap after registration.

  • Payments – all reserved spots must be paid in full. Your parish will be sent an invoice containing the amount you owe. Full payment is due as soon as payment can be processed. Checks should made out to Diocese of Lansing. Include HSYC in memo line. Diocese of Lansing 228 N Walnut St, Lansing, MI 48933

  • We do not accept individual registrations. Attendees must come as part of a chaperoned group or with their parents. All adult chaperones must be compliant with Diocese of Lansing Safe Environment policies

  • There must be 1 chaperone for every 12 teens per gender.

  • Registration will be available at the door for any extra attendees. Full payment is due at the time and each attendee must be accompanied by a Virtus compliant adult chaperone and have read the Code of Conduct and have a liability form filled out and signed.

  • Group Leaders are encouraged to bring Liability/Medical Release forms with them to have in case there is an emergency and they need to check the teen’s forms. Group leaders will keep the Liability/Medical Release forms on file at their own parishes after the event.

  • Group Leaders will need to gather any medical information or special needs of the participants in their group, and convey that to the High School Youth Conference team if needed

  • Registration fees are as follows:

    • $40.00 per person

    • Priests and Religious are free 

Registration Downloads

Please download and fill out the following forms. Please bring all of these forms with you to the Lansing Youth Conference.